Friday, February 2, 2007

FireFox better than Opera?

Everyone these days seems to be raving about Firefox, and how it should be used over Internet Explorer. I totally agree with these people, however Firefox isn't anywhere near the best browser out there. Opera outperforms Firefox in basically all tests. The goal of this article, isn't to get you to swith. I simply wanted to write a quick article giving facts on why Firefox isn't the best. If you want a detailed report, stop reading. This is just a few quick facts.

1. Opera uses less RAM than FF
2. Opera loading is faster than FF (more than 3 times faster!!!)
3. Opera faste renders HTML pages
4. Opera is more web compliant
5. Opera security is much more better then FF wich have security updates even every week

Do you need more?

It's not an opinion that Opera is by far the best graphical browser out there, it's fact. It's incredibly fast, secure, resource light, and the most web compliant. I'm not saying Firefox is a bad browser. It have a great features like open source codes for C++ maniacs :-) and cool logo too.

What do you think?

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Mr. Frye said...

I think Mozilla Firefox has an enormous amount of potential, and so does Opera, but currently Firefox is in the lead. Within a decade, Firefox will be the most-used browser in the world, for good reason, because it is fast, light, and has "okay" security. (Remember when Netscape had a choke hold on Internet Explorer and what happened? Netscape is NOTHING now!) But that is where Opera comes in. Opera is MUCH faster than Firefox and its security is outstanding. I believe we should all keep a copy of Internet Explorer 7 on our computers, just because it is compatible with everything, but once Firefox takes over, have Firefox as our primary browser and Opera as the backup. If they merged, like Firefox did with Netscape, that would be one HECK of a browser! My point: get Firefox if you want the "new thing," Opera if you're ready to be a rebel. But always keep Firefox as your default browser.

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